• Composer, Sound Artist, Pianist.

    Elvira Garifzyanova

  • Biography

    Elvira Garifzyanova was born into a family of professional musicians.
    She studied in Russia, Germany and Switzerland under such professors as Irina Dubinina - piano (a former pupil of Yakov Zak and Lev Oborin), composition under Michael Jarrell, Isabel Mundry, Gerhard Müller-Hornbach, Alexander Rudenko and electronic music under Gerald Bennett, Eric Daubresse and Luis Naon. In addition, in 2012 she completed a year training course in musical informatics at the renowned IRCAM - Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music in Paris (France).


    She is the recipient of various prizes and scholarships from international competitions and artist residencies.
    She attended master classes headed by Brian Ferneyhough, Helmut Lachenmann, Hanz Zender, André Richard (interpretation and performance practice with electronics), Mauro Lanza, Denis Smalley, Chaya Czernowin, Beat Furrer, Rebecca Saunders and Philippe Leroux.


    She collaborated with ZKM Karlsruhe (Germany), Lyon contemporary dance of the 'département danse du Conservatoire national supérieur musique et danse' under the direction of Anne Martin (France), the South West German Radio Symphony Orchestra Stuttgart (Germany) under the direction of Manfred Trojahn, the 'Berner Symphonieorchestra' (CH), 'Musikkollegium Winterthur' (CH) under the direction of Arthur Fagen; with musicians of the 'Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich' (CH), the ensemble 'Les Cornets Noirs', Basel (CH); with Hilliard-Ensemble (UK), vocal ensemble 'Homme Armé' (Italy), with Antonio Politano (Paetzold recorders), ensemble 'Prime' (CH) under the direction of Antonio Politano, ensemble 'Vortex' (CH), 'Meitar' ensemble (Tel-Aviv,Israel), ensemble 'SurPlus' (Freiburg,Germany), 'Reconsil' ensemble (Vienna,Austria),'ensemble für Neue Musik' Zürich (CH), ensemble 'DissonArt' (Greece), "Switch~" ensemble (USA), ensemble 'Oerknal' (the Netherlands); with Carin Levine (flute), Peter Veale (oboe), Pascall Gallois (bassoon) at the first 'Aeolian Academy Jeunesses Musicales' in Germany, with Mircea Ardeleanu (percussion), Carola Schlüter (soprano from ensemble 'Phorminx'), John-Noel Attard (piano); with the 'Zürcher Kantorei zu Predigern', 'Berner Kantorei' and the 'Kleine Kantorei' under the direction of Johannes Guenther.


    Several of her activities have been recorded by Radio SWR (Germany) and Swiss Radio DRS-2.


    Her compositions have been selected for performances at such international festivals as Music Biennale Zagreb (Croatia), New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (USA), 'Archipel Festival' Geneva (CH), the 20th International New Music Festival 'Sound Ways' in St.-Petersburg (Russia), 'The Russian Culture Days' in Freiburg 2017 (Germany), EXPO Milano 2015 (Italy), 'Antifonia-40 Festival' in Cluj-Napoca (Romania), 'Agostino Di Scipio Emergenze Sonore Project Notes #05' in Venice (Italy), 'Next generation 4.0 Kommunikation Festival' in ZKM Karlsruhe (Germany), "Festival der Künste" Zürich (CH), 'Mixtur-Festival' Barcelona (Spain), 'Inaudita Early Music Tuscan Festival' Pisa (Italy), 'CEME Festival' Tel-Aviv (Israel), 4-th Saarbrücker Days for electroacoustic and visual Music - 'EviMus' (Germany) ...


    She is included in the database of the BabelScores (France), SME (Swiss Music Edition), MICA-Music Information Center Austria.


    Languages: Russian, German, English, French.

  • Prizes/Awards, Scholarships

    * 12.03 - Selection for the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (USA).
    * 23.01 - 'Artist in Residence' from the 'Künstlerhaus Lauenburg' (Germany).
    * 24.08 - 'Artist in Residence' from the 'Künstlerhof Schreyahn' (Germany).
    * 26.04 - Prize from the 29-th Music Biennale Zagreb composers competition (Croatia).
    * 27.03 - Iannis Xenakis memorial fellowship from the Delian Academy for New Music curated under the auspices of Georges Aperghis and Grypario Cultural Center (Greece).

    * 15.02 - Finalist of the international commission's prize by the "Switch~" ensemble (USA).

    * 28.11 - Work fellowship from the Austrian Federal Chancellery.
    * 21.10 - Giga-Hertz-Production's Prize for electronic music from the SWR Experimental Studio Freiburg and ZKM Karlsruhe (Germany) for the piece "Arcane-II" for 4 recorders, 5 Paetzold recorders and live electronics controlled by sensors (gesture capturing, gesture recognition).
    * 12.10 - Finalist of the composers competition for piano concerto by 29-th Music Biennale Zagreb (Croatia).
    * 01.08 - 'Styrian Artist-in-Residence' from the Styrian Government (Austria).
    * Nomination for the "Mario Merz Prize"- second edition in the category Music (Switzerland-Italy).
    * 'Artist-in-Residence' from the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts, Nebraska (USA).
    * Selection for the Academy Schloss Solitude (Stuttgart) with Chaya Czernowin, Rebecca Saunders, Ming Tsao and ensemble SurPlus (Germany).

    * 30.07 - Scholarship for presentation workshop 'electronic music - beyond the borders' ('Elektronische Musik – über die Grenzen') in the GEMA Berlin in the frame of the European Music Author Scholarship (EMAS) (Germany).

    * Scholarship from the 'Experimentalstudio Freiburg' and Matrix 15-Academy (Germany).
    * 'Vienna-Artist-in-Residence' from the 'KulturKontakt' Austria and the Austrian Federal Chancellery.

    * 13.03 - One of the Winners of the "Composers'_Next_Generation_residence of composition 2015" with ensemble "Vortex" (Switzerland).

    * 24.02 - Selection for “Composit 2015“ with Pierluigi Billone and Joshua Feinberg (Italy).


    * 15.12 - One of the Winners of the 7th International Composers Seminar 2015 by Ensemble Modern Frankfurt am Main (Germany).

    * 15.07 - Finalist of the FEEDING MUSIC - international composition competition to write a piece for „Divertimento Ensemble“ for the Italian Pavilion at Milano Expo 2015 (Italy).

    * 28.04 - Selection for the „Inaudita Early Music Tuscan Festival“ to compose a work for male vocal quintet (Italy).

    * 28.04 - Selection her work „Aurora borealis“ for flute and electronics for Agostino Di Scipio Emergenze Sonore Project Notes #05 in Venice (Italy).

    * 18.04 - Winner of the international composer competition „Protonwerk“ by ensemble Proton Bern (Switzerland).


    * 'Artist-in-Residence' from the 'Künstlerhaus Salzwedel' (Germany).

    *10.11 - Honorary mention for piece 'Aurora borealis' for flute and electronics at the international composers competition of electro-acoustic music 'Musica Nova' in Prague (Czech Republic).

    * Scholarship from the 'Experimentalstudio Freiburg' and Matrix 13-Academy (Germany).

    * 'Artist-in-Residence' from Visby International Centre for Composers in Gotland (Sweden).

    * Scholarship from the 'Eötvos Foundation' for opera workshop headed by Peter Eötvos and Luca Francesconi in Budapest (Hungary).

    * 'Artist-in-Residence' from the Schleswig-Holsteinischen Künstlerhaus in Eckernförde (Germany).


    * Selection for a year training course in musical informatics at the IRCAM in Paris (France).

    * Selection her composition for multipercussion and orchestra for the final round of the 'Paul Hindemith Prize' in the frame of the 'Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival' (Germany).


    * Scholarship from the international courses for new music Darmstadt (Germany).

    * 'Cité Internationale des Arts Paris' - German Federal scholarship.

    * Paul Sacher scholarship (Switzerland).


    * Prize of the composers competition by 'Ensemble für Neue Musik Zürich' (Switzerland).

    * 03.08 - First prize for the piece „Wahrlich..." at the 'Concurso Internacional de Compositión para Órgano, Catedral del Buen Pastor de Donostia - San Sebastian' (Spain).


    * Mozart Foundation scholarship (Germany).


    * Peter Fuld Foundation scholarship (Germany).


    * 09.12 - Prize of the DAAD Competition (Germany).


    * DAAD scholarship (Germany).


    Only recordings in my homepage, my profile soundcloud account and mentioned links (youtube or vimeo) are valid and published online with permission from both composer and musicians/project organisations. All pieces are protected.

    Performed by ensemble "VORTEX": Rada Hadjikostova - vln, Mauricio Carrasco - electro guitar, Florian
    Feyer - perc., Anne Gillot - bass cl., Aurélien Ferrette - cello, Jocelyne Rudasigwa - double bass,
    Daniel Zea - live electronics, Arturo Corrales - sound engineer.
    Premiere on 27.11.2015
    Fonderie Kugler, Geneva, Switzerland.

    ARCANE-II for 4 recorders, 5 Paetzold recorders with live electronics controlled by sensors.

    (Gesture cupturing, gesture recognition.)

    PRIME Recorder Ensemble under the direction of Antonio Politano
    Electronics - Simone Conforti and Elvira Garifzyanova.

    27.05.2014, BKA-Theater Berlin, "Unerhörte Musik".

    This piece received the Giga-Hertz Production's Prize for electronic music 2016 from the SWR Experimental Studio Freiburg and ZKM Karlsruhe (Germany).

    Article about this project under: http://www.dissonance.ch/en/main_articles/1088

    Score under https://www.babelscores.com/catalog/instrument-electronics/chamber-ensemble/arcane-ii

    by Ensemble SurPlus under the direction of Erich Wagner:
    Martina Roth-flute, Christian Kemper-oboe, Joshua Löhrer-bass cl., Stefan Häussler-vln., Sylvie Altenburger-v-la, Johannes Burghoff-cello, Sven Kestel-double bass, Alfonso Gomez-piano, Olaf Tzschoppe-perc.
    Premiere on 20.08.2015
    Academy Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany.
    (The text note is under this link.)

    Aurora Borealis for flute and electronics.


    Performed by Rafal Zolkos (flute), Elvira Garifzyanova (electronics) and David Poissonnier (sound engineer).

    03.05.2013 - Grande Salle-HEM, Geneva, Switzerland.

    *) Honorary Mention at the International Electroacoustic Music Competition Musica Nova in Prague 2013 (Czech Republic).  http://musicanova.seah.cz/vysl/2013.pdf

    Score under https://www.babelscores.com/catalog/instrumental/aurora-borealis

    Lumen-éclat hivernal (2011/2014) for 3 multi-percussionists, dancers and orchestra.

    Only Audio under https://soundcloud.com/elvira-garifzyanova/lumen-eclat-hivernal-for-3-multi-percussionists-dansers-and-orchestra

    Collaboration between the contemporary section of the "département danse du Conservatoire national supérieur musique et danse" Lyon (CNSMD) and the orchestra of the HEM Geneva under the direction of Pierre Bleuse. Choreography by Anne Martin, soloist by Pina Bausch during more than 10 years.
    Premiere on 01.02.2014

    Saal Batiment des Forces Motrice, Geneva, Switzerland



    Lichtflecken-II for piano quartet
    Isabel Neligan-Violine, David Greenlees-Viola, Christian Proske-Violoncello,Yoshiko Iwai-Piano.

    Commissioned work by the 'Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich' and supported by Pro Helvetia,

    the Swiss Cultural Foundation.

    13.03.2008 - Zürich.

    Score under https://www.babelscores.com/catalog/instrumental/lichtflecken-ii

    Trumpets - Kerry Lannan, Organ - Elvira Garifzyanova.
    The original version of this piece is for trumpets and accordion. Here is version with organ.
    12.05.2009 - grand Hall, 'Zürcher Hochschule der Künste'.


    2011/2014 - “LUMEN-éclat hivernal” - for three multi percussionists, dancers and orchestra. Duration: 17' 05''. Project Gestème - Geneva, Switzerland.
    First public performance - spectacle on 1.02.2014 and 02.02.2014 Saal Batiment des Forces Motrices, Geneva. Orchestra of the HEM Geneva under direction of Pierre Bleuse and the danceurs from the section of the contemporary dance of the CNSMD Lyon (France). Choreography by Anne Martin – soloist by Pina Bausch during more than 10 years.


    2011 - “Lichtflecken – III” for 4 Paetzold recorders with amplification and orchestra. Duration: 13'. First public performance- 01.07.2011 in the concert house 'Kultur-Casino' Bern by Cèline Herrero and Berner Symphony orchestra under direction of Alexander Janos. Commissioned work by 'Berner Hochschule der Künste'.


    2006/07 - “Zeremoniell aus Sucession” - Miniatur for symphony orchestra. Orchestra workshop with the South West German Radio Symphony Orchestra, Stuttgart 2007 under direction of Manfred Trojahn.


    2000/01 - Work for a string orchestra and piano in three parts. Duration: 27' 53''.



    2007 - New orchestration of Modest Mussorgsky „Bilder einer Ausstellung“ ('Tuileries') for Musikkollegium Winterthur. Duration: 5'.

    Performance - 2.11.2007 Stadthaus Winterthur under the direction of Arthur Fagen.



    2014 - „Énigmes“ for male vocal ensemble 'Homme Armé' (Italy). Duration: 11 min.

    First performance at the 'Inaudita Early Music Tuscan Festival' on 04.09.2014. Basilica 'Di San Piero A Grado' in Pisa, Italy.


    2012 - “Im Zeichen des...” - cantate for 4 soloists, mixed choir and baroque orchestra. Duration: 21 min. Commissioned work by 'Zürcher Kantorei zu Predigern', 'Berner Kantorei', 'die kleine Kantorei' under direction of Johannes Günther. First public performance 22.12.2012 'Berner Münster' and 23.12.2012 'Predigerkirche' Zürich.


    2006/07 - “Suchet mein Angesicht” for mixed choir, solo-quartet and instruments. Duration: 7'32''. Commissioned work for 'Hilliard-Ensemble' (UK) and 'Zürcher Kantorei zu Predigern', 'Berner Kantorei', 'die kleine Kantorei' under direction of Johannes Günther and Ensemble 'Les Cornets Noirs'.

    First public performance- 2.09.2007 in 'Grossmünster' Zürich and 4.09.2007 'Berner Münster'. Radio recording by Schweizer Radio DRS-2.

    2005 - Five scenes of Johanna d'Arc's life for soprano and piano. Duration: 26 min.
    1) Apparition
    2) Farewell
    3) Johanna to Johanna
    4) Interlude
    5) Prayer,
    after the romantic tragedy 'The Maid of Orleans' by Friedrich Schiller.
    Commissioned work by Frankfurter Association for modern Musik for Carola Schülter (Soprano-member of the ensemble 'Phorminx') and John-Noel Attard (piano). Public performances- 9.05.2005 'Literaturhaus Villa Clementine' Wiesbaden (Germany), 'Goethe Haus' Frankfurt am Main by Carola Schülter (Soprano) and John-Noel Attard (piano).



    2015 - "Parle-Parle pas II" - for ensemble 'Vortex' with live electronics. Duration: 9 min.

    First public performance - 27.11.2015 Fonderie Kugler, Geneva.


    2015 - "Japanese garden" - musique électroacoustique. Duration: 16 min.

    Performance - 28.03.2015 Amann Studios Wien: http://www.amannstudios.com/archives-news/live-konzert-elvira-garifzyanova-katharina-kementdaniel-lercherlive-konzert-elvira-garifzyanova-katharina-klementdaniel-lercher


    2014 - “Herzschlag” - for piano, ensemble and live electronics. Duration: 14'36''.
    First performance by Elvira Garifzyanova-piano and ensemble contemporaine of the HEM Geneva under the direction of Benoit Willman. Electronics by Elvira Garifzyanova, realisation on the concert by Eric Daubresse, David Poissonnier and Takuya Imahori. 06.06.2014 Studio Ansermet Radio Swiss.


    2014 -“Arcane-II” for Paetzold recorders Ensemble, Live electronics, controlled by sensors.
    Duration: 7'32''. First public performance - 27.05.2014 in Berlin BKA-Theater ('Unerhörte Musik') by Ensemble 'PRIME' under direction of Antonio Politano. https://www.facebook.com/events/490534117741694/ This piece received the Giga-Hertzt Production's Prize for electronic music 2016 from the SWR Experimental Studio Freiburg and ZKM Karlsruhe (Germany).


    2013 - “Arcane-I” for Contrabass Paetzold recorder and live electronics. Duration: appr. 12'.
    First public performance 07.12.2013 in Lausanne by Antonio Politano (Contrabass paetzold recorder), sound engineers- Elvira Garifzyanova and Simone Conforti. http://flautodolce.ch/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/enigma-e-stupore.pdf


    2012 - “Aurora borealis” – for flute and electronics. Duration: 6'40''.


    'La Salle de projection' IRCAM - Paris;

    2013 - 'Archipel-Festival', Théâtre Pitoëff, Genève, Switzerland by Marco Salvio (flute) and Elvira Garifzyanova (electronics);

    03.05.2013 - Grande Salle-HEM, Geneva, Switzerland, by Rafal Zolkos (flute) and Elvira Garifzyanova (electronics);

    17.12.2013 - Madarsky Institut Praha. The piece received an Honorary Mention at the International Electroacoustic Music Competition in Prague 2013 (Czech Republic); http://musicanova.seah.cz/vysl/2013.pdf

    28.03.2015 - 'Amann Studios' - Vienna, Austria, by Eric Lamb Rummel (flute) and Elvira Garifzyanova (electronics). In Kooperation with 'KulturKontakt' Austria;

    14.05.2017 - 'Elastic Arts', Chicago (USA) by Zach Sheets (flute) and Jason Thorpe Buchanan (electronics) from Ensemble 'Switch~'.

    04.11.2017 - KuBa - Saarbrücken, 4-th Saarbrücker Festival for electroacoustic and visual Music, by Karolin Schmitt-Weidmann (flute) and Daniel Osorio (electronics).

    13.12.2017 - San Francisco Center for New Music (USA) by Zach Sheets (flute) and Jason Thorpe Buchanan (electronics) from Ensemble 'Switch~'.

    2018 - Selection for the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival 2018 (USA).


    2010 - “Screen” – musique électroacoustique. Duration: 11'.

    Performances at the 'Festival der Künste' Zürich 2011 by Elvira Garifzyanova; 'Next generation 4.0 Kommunikation Festival' in ZKM (Kubus) Karlsruhe (Germany) by Elvira Garifzyanova.



    2017 - "Kyklades-Figurine I" for ensemble.

    Performance by ensemble 'Oerknal' (the Netherlands) under the direction of Gregory Charette at the Grypario Cultural Center in Mykonos (Greece).


    2016 - "Crossover lines" - short piano concerto.

    Performance 26.04.2017 - Music Biennale Zagreb (Croatia).


    2016 - "Almost brocken music box I" for ensemble. Duration appr. 11 min.
    Commissioned work by Mixtur-Festival for ensemble 'DissonArt'. Premiere 29.04.2016 Mixtur-Festival, Barcelona, Spain by ensemble 'DissonArt' (Greece); 15.03.2017 - 'The Kratiki Orchestra Thessaloniki'; 17.03.2017 - 'Megaron - The Athens Concert Hall' (Dimitris Mitropulos Hall) (Greece) by ensemble 'DissonArt': http://www.megaron.gr/default.asp?la=2&pid=5&evID=3552


    2015 - "Parle-Parle pas" - for ensemble. Duration 7 min.

    Premiere - 02.08.2015 Ran Baron Hall, by 'Meitar ensemble'. The Center for New Music, The Israel Conservatory of Music,Tel-Aviv (Israel). 'CEME-Festival'.


    2015 - "With out" for ensemble. Duration 12'49''.


    20.08.2015 - Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart by ensemble 'SurPlus';

    29.09.2015 - E-Werk, Freiburg (Germany) by ensemble 'SurPlus';

    19.10.2017 - 'The Russian Culture Days' Festival in Freiburg (Germany) by ensemble 'SurPlus'.


    2015 - "Without-II" for ensemble. 27.10.2015 - Arnold Schönberg Center, Vienna (Austria) by ensemble 'Reconsil'.


    2015 - "Akt ohne Wörter" for flute, lupophon, bassclarinet, harp, piano, violin, violoncello. Commissioned work by Ensemble Proton. First public performance - 30.03.2015 in Bern.


    2015 - "Act without words-III" for ensemble. Premiere 24.10.2015 Teatro della Terra Padiglione delle Biodiversità EXPO Milano 2015 (Italy).


    2007/08 - “Lichtflecken-II” for violin, viola, violoncello and piano. Duration: 8'38''.

    Commissioned work by the Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich and supported by Pro Helvetia, the Swiss Cultural Foundation. First public performance - 13.03.2008 in Zürich.


    2007 - “Lichtflecken“ - (“Patches of light”) for trumpet-piccolo in B, alternated with trumpet in C and accordion. Duration 11 min.

    First public performance 10.10.2007 by Kerry Lannan - trumpets and Eva Zöllner - accordeon in Frequenzen XXXVII I - concert series of Frankfurter Association for modern Music. In 2009 - Version for the trumpets and organ. Public performance of this version by Kerry Lannan and Elvira Garifzyanova - grand Hall of the ZHdK Zürich.


    2006 - “Phoenix” - for flute, clarinet in B and bassoon. Duration: 8'54''.

    Public performances by flutes - Sakura Kindunis, Andre Cortesi, Rafal Zolkos, clarinet - David Jarzynski, bassoon-Mihaly Fliegauf (Zürich, Switzerland). And by Ensemble 'Ö!' Saison 2007/2008 in Theater Chur (Switzerland). Score under https://www.babelscores.com/catalog/instrumental/phoenix


    2004/05 - “Sechs Freskos” for flute (piccolo), clarinet in B, in Es (or oboe and corno englese), and bassoon (or bass clarinet). Duration: 17'04''.

    Public Performance during the first 'Aeolian Academy' with Carin Levin (flute), Peter Veale (Oboe) and Pascal Gallois (basoon) in Schiesshaus Heilbronn (Germany.)


    2003 - “In Infinitum” – trio for piano, violoncello and clarinet in B. Duration: 12'50''.

    Public performances by Ensemble for new Music 7.12.2007 Forum Sigfried, Zofingen (Switzerland), 8.12.2007- 'Kunsthaus' Zürich (Switzerland), 11.12. 2007 'Gare du Nord', Basel (Switzerland). The piece received the prize of the composers competition of the Ensemble for new Music Zürich (Switzerland).



    2008 - “Le chant de la lumiére” – for one percussionist and light. Duration: 20'08''.

    Public performances by Mircea Ardeleanu: grand concert Hall of the ZHdK Zuerich, Switzerland 2008; 'Stockhausen. Im Memoriam' at the 20-th International New Music Festival 'Sound Ways' St. Petersburg, Russia 21-29 November 2008; Festival 'Antifonia 40' Sala studio a Academiei de Muzica 'Gh. Dima' Rumania 27.06.2009.


    2002/06 - “Wahrlich…” (“Verily…”) for organ-solo. Duration: 12'36''.

    Performance in the 'Catedral del Buen Pastor' by Juan de la Rubia. The piece received the 'Primer premio del conkurso international de Composition para organo' Catedral del Buen Pastor de Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain 2007.

  • Articles/Recensions

    *) Journal «Dissonance» - Swiss Music Journal for Research and Creation:

    «Prime Gesture Recognition: new paradigms for the interaction between Paetzold recorder players and machines in live electronic music» about the project 'Arcane-II' (Nr. 132, 12.2015, pages 10-15). (http://www.dissonance.ch/en/main_articles/1088)


    *) Der Bund 2007, Kultur, «Flügel der Morgenröte: das Hilliard Ensemble zu Gast bei der Evangelischen Singgemeinde im Berner Münster» bei Hanspeter Renggli.


    *) Neue Züricher Zeitung, 04.September 2007. «Das Modell Schütz: Prediger-Kantorei mit Hilliard-Ensemble im Grossmünster» bei Thomas Schacher - Zürcher Kultur Nachrichten-NZZ.ch


    *) Article in the magazine of the «Diariovasco» Cultura (Spain) 2007: http://www.diariovasco.com/20070803/cultura/rusa-elvira-garifzyanova-lleva-20070803.html

    *) Frankfurter Rundschau, 23.01.2006 «Das Sprechen der Seele» Abend mit Schiller-Vertonungen im Freien Deutschen Hochstift».

  • Pedagogical/professional experiences

    *) Workshops presentations in electronic music and composition at the IEM and KUG Graz (Austria);

    *) Teacher for music theory at the 'Zachar Bron School of Music' (Switzerland);

    *) Organist and director of Schola at the church St. Katharina Zürich (Switzerland);

    *) Workshop presentation 'electronic music - beyond the borders' ('Elektronische Musik – über die Grenzen') in the GEMA Berlin in the frame of the European Music Author Scholarship (EMAS) (Germany);

    *) Workshops - music education for scholars in the schools in Vienna (Austria);

    *) Docent for piano at the State Pedagogic University - music faculty (Russia);

  • Events


    10.04 - 17:30 - Media Library of the French Institute, Zagreb (Croatia).

    08.04 - 11.04 - Music Biennale Zagreb (Croatia).

    02.04 - Festival Archipel, Geneva (CH).





    25.11 - 18:00 - Giga Hertz Prize Festival, New Work, Saal Kubus, ZKM Karlsruhe (Germany).


    20.10 - 19:00 - second portrait concert, new works in the frame of the artist-in-residence program in 'Künstlerhaus' Lauenburg/Elbe, Schleswig-Holstein (Germany).


    14.07 - 19:00 - portrait concert in the frame of the artist-in-residence program in 'Künstlerhaus' Lauenburg/Elbe, Schleswig-Holstein (Germany).



    13.12 - 8:00 pm. - San Francisco Center for New Music, with ensemble 'Switch~' (USA). https://www.facebook.com/events/128894384477637/


    04.11 - 19:00 - KuBa - Saarbrücken, 4-th Saarbrücker Festival for electroacoustic and visual Music - 'EviMus' 2017. "Aurora boréalis" for flute and electronics in concert by Karolin Schmitt-Weidmann.


    19.10 - 20:00 - 'The Russian Culture Days' in Freiburg. Haus zur Lieben Hand, Löwenstrasse 16, Freiburg (Germany). "With out" for flute, oboe, bass cl., piano, percussion, violin, viola, violoncello and double bass, by ensemble 'Sur-Plus'. 19:15 - concert introduction.


    18.06 - 20.00 - the Grypario Cultural Center in Mykonos (Greece). New piece by ensemble "Oerknal" (the Netherlands) under the direction of Gregory Charette.
    13.06 - 13:30 - Presentation-Symposium, the Grypario Cultural Center, Mykonos (Greece).
    14.05 - 8:00 pm - 'Elastic Arts', Chicago (USA). Ensemble 'Switch~'. "Aurora boréalis" for flute and electronics by Zach Sheets (flute) and Jason Thorpe Buchanan (electronics). https://arts.uchicago.edu/event/switch-ensemble-bold-electroacoustic-and-multimedia-focused-ensemble-premieres-works-chicago-0
    26.04 - 29th Music Biennale Zagreb (Croatia). New piece by Festival ensemble.
    17.03 - 20:30 - 'Megaron - The Athens Concert Hall' (Dimitris Mitropulos Hall), with ensemble "DissonArt", Greece. http://www.megaron.gr/default.asp?la=2&pid=5&evID=3552
    15.03 - 20:30 - The Kratiki Orchestra Thessaloniki, with ensemble "DissonArt", Greece.
    08.03 -
    new work in the frame of the Mario Merz Prize, Italy.
    27.01 - 17.00-19.00 - Forumstadtpark Graz, Austria. Presentation in the frame of Styrian Artist in Residence. http://kultur.graz.at/kalender/event/735074124; http://forumstadtpark.at/index.php?idcatside=1143
    28.11, 11:00-12:30 - presentation for students at the University of Art (KUG) Graz, Austria.
    24.11 - 27.11 - Giga Hertz Award Ceremony in ZKM Karlsruhe (Germany).
    25.04 – 21.06 – residence and presentations at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts Nebraska (USA):
    19.05; 5:00-8:00 p.m. - first Open Studio.https://www.facebook.com/events/280777395591169/
    16.06; 5:00-7:00 p.m. - second Open Studio.
    29.04, 20.00 - premiere of New piece for ensemble 'DissonArt', commissioned by Mixtur Festival, L'Auditori, Barcelona. http://mixturbcn.com/en/festival-mixtur-2016/programacion-2016/
    28.04, 15.00 – presentation for students - workshop for composition in the frame of the Mixtur Festival, Barcelona, Spain
    December: Transdisciplinary project with percussion - Geneva, Switzerland.
    27.11, 20.00 - Fonderie Kugler, Geneva. Premiere of the final project for ensemble and live electronics for ensemble "Vortex". http://www.usinekugler.ch/fonderie/fonderie-kugler/news-fonderie/353-composers-next-generation-ensemble-vortex
    23.11 - 27.11 - with ensemble "Vortex" - Switzerland. "Composers'_Next_Generation" - residence finale.
    09.11, 18.00 - with "Divertimento" ensemble, Budapest Music Center, Hungary. http://bmc.hu/#!/program/2343/mustMEET_Composers_VIII._-_Feeding_Music
    23.10 and 24.10 - with "Divertimento" ensemble, "Teatro della Terra", EXPO Milano, Italy.
    29.09, 20.00 - with ensemble SurPlus, E-Werk Freiburg, Eschholzstrasse 77, 79106 Freiburg im Breisgau. 19.00 - Introduction before the concert.
    26.09 - 03.10 - Matrix15 - Presentation in Experimentalstudio Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany.
    14.08, 10.00 - Lecture-Workshop "Elektronische Musik – über die Grenzen" by Elvira Garifzyanova in Generaldirection-GEMA Berlin, Bayreuther Straße 37, 10787 Berlin.
    26.07 - 02.08 - with "Meitar" ensemble, within the framework of the International New Music Festival,Tel-Aviv, Israel.
    29.06 - 03.07 - with ensemble "Vortex" - Switzerland. "Composers'_Next_Generation". Second residence-workshop.
    23.06 - 27.06 - with "Divertimento Ensemble" - Italy.
    8.05 - 11.05 - Barcelona-Modern-Project, Institut Français - Spain.
    18.04 - 20.04 - with ensemble "Vortex" - Switzerland. "Composers'_Next_Generation". Centre Pasquart, Bienne/ HEAD Genève. First residence-workshop.
    30.03 - 19.30 - with ensemble "Proton" Switzerland. (Protowerk no.4, Schlachthaus Bern, Rathausgasse 20, 3011 Bern)
    28.03, 20.00 - "Amann Studios" - Vienna, Austria (Neustiftgasse 68/23b, 1070 Vienna): ensemble
    and solo works with electronics. Flute solo - Eric Lamb Rummel. In Kooperation with KulturKontakt Austria. Entry free. http://www.kulturkontakt.or.at/html/D/kalender.asp?guid=%7B41CA7F08-613C-4A1D-9449-D6E8F4FD6D26
    24.03 - 14.15-15.45, Workshop-Presentation for students in IEM (Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics) Graz, Austria: https://www.kug.ac.at/news-veranstaltungen/veranstaltungen/vortraege-kurse-symposien.html?tx_kugevents_pi1%5BdateFilter%5D=23-03-2015
    Workshops - music education by Elvira Garifzyanova, (for scholars in the schools, Vienna):
    10.03 and 13.03 (9.00 -11.00) - Volksschule, Halirschgasse 25, (6-7 years old)
    9.03 (10.00 -12.00) and 16.03 (9.00 -11.00) - BRG 16, 1160 Vienna, 1.classe (10-11 years old)
    12.03 (12.00 -14.00) - Kandlgasse 39, 4.classe (13-14 years old)
    19.03 (8.00 -9.45 and 9.55 -11.50) - G8, Jedoch-Finkplatz 2, 6.classe (15-16 years old), and 8.classe (17-18 years old)
    04.09.2014 – Inaudita Festival Toscano – Early Music Tuscan Festival.
    Basilica Di San Piero A Grado – Pisa (Italy). „Énigmes“ for vocal ensemble „Homme Armé“.

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